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The GMB post is global financial, business and political news corner. We believe that news and analysis need to be sharp, to the point and hence should not exceed 3 paras. A primary and secondary source driven driven news and analysis site collating, surmising, analyzing news flow out of US, EU, China and rest of the world. Analysis covers the breadth of financial domains across Commodities, Currencies, Stocks and Macro factors at play: In the words of one of the readers “This is the 30,000 view: The Macro Story”

gmbpost.com strives to gather opinions and news flow from the readers and encourages contributions in the form of news stories which you would like us to cover. You can send your articles/videos/news links to gmbpost@gmail.com or admin@gmbpost.com or post the link at site in the section “User Submissions”.

Editor Team

1. Jennifer: 10 years of citizen journalism passionate to get Investment opinion on World News. An ex Goldman Sachs and Private Equity professional, believes that the world is on the verge of Tipping point and we need all the coverage we can get to connect the world.

2. Sasha: 10 years of Investment advisory experience and is the co founder of GMB post.